FFXIII-2 to “rectify” FFXIII complaints

A game will, technically, hardly ever be perfect. Games will always thrill as much as they will disappoint. Square Enix knows this, and furthermore, acknowledges that Final Fantasy XIII did do the latter. The company is dead sure that Final Fantasy XIII-2 “rectifies” those complaints.

“Our ultimate goal is rectifying every single point in Final Fantasy XIII that has been criticized by users,” said game director Motomu Toriyama, referring to the complaints saying the game was too linear and the lack of cities and towns to explore. “We actually took those criticisms very seriously, and you’ll notice we tackled them completely and thoroughly. This new game is more player-driven, as opposed to story-driven, so youc an explore different locations and fields to get information and explore towns and other types of locations, as well. So we are very determined to rectify all of the problems, and we think we have.”

Toriyama also took a stand against those implying the game was made from unused Final Fantasy XIII content, saying, “it is true in any game, in the process of making it, that obviously you have to come up with lots of different ideas, and obviously you can’t materialize every single one of them. You have to try them out, and eventually you’re left with the best ones for use. It’s only that because there are lots of ideas and content that we could have included in XIII where we didn’t; but we didn’t actually recycle any of them for XIII-2.”

Final Fantasy XIII-2 launches in January next year.