“Forward-looking publishers” want to join EA’s Origin

If EA CEO John Riccitiello’s words to investors at a conference call are anything to go by, it would appear EA’s digital service Origin might not be hosting EA-developed/published games solely. According to Riccitiello, “forward-looking publishers” have shown keen interest in getting their games on the service which is not supposed to be competing with Valve’s Steam. Except, it will be if this goes from fiction to fact.

“We don’t see a conflict,” said Riccitiello. “This is core to our strategy.”

He explained, “we’ve had a lot of inbound inquiry about getting on. Many forward-looking publishers really want their content on any and every platform possible. One more sale is better than not. By way of example, even though we have Origin, we are pushing EA content digitally on any and every platform that we can.”

Elaborated Riccitiello, “we hope to be HBO meets Netflix for gaming. But we’re also very keen to have our content distributed anywhere and everywhere gamers are.”