Saints Row The Third pre-orders look good, has massive DLC plan

Not even out yet and Saints Row The Third is already considerably out-performing Saints Row 2.

The pre-orders for the title in a comparable timeframe have doubled over its 2008 predecessor, THQ’s revealed.

“We think with another couple of weeks we’ll surpass the pre-orders for Saint’s Row 2 and we’re still 15 weeks from launch,” CEO Brian Farrell told investors yesterday afternoon.

Early successes aside, the publishers plans to make a killing on post-launch goods as well, hoping to pull in an additional 20% revenue from downloadable content.

“Saints Row’s digital ecosystem will contain the most comprehensive suite of digital content across our portfolio, including a season pass, microstransactions, planned DLC offerings for nearly a year post launch, game add-ons, consumables and an in-game store.”

The game’s out for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this November.