Shadows of the Damned director starting fresh

Slow sales, or otherwise known as what may have been attributed as the primary reason for Shadows of the Damned director Massimo Guarini leaving Grasshopper Manufacture, seems not to have been the case this time around. Due to personal reasons, Guarini left the company to pursue and face new goals and challenges, which include starting an independent studio, Ovosonico, that will ultimately focus on more than just games.

“My decision [to leave] Grasshopper has nothing to do with the low initial sales numbers of Shadows of the Damned,” said Guarini during an interview. “Leaving Grasshopper has just been a consequence of some events and private reasons that led me and my family to consider moving back to our country.”

Described Guarini, “Ovosonico is definitely not the typical game development studio you would expect to see. I’d rather say it’s what every game studio should become in the [near] future in order to stay in the business. It might sound like a bold statement, but we truly see this happening in front of our eyes.” He added the studio will “deal with games production for new platforms, as well as music productions and even movies, eventually blending all these elements in a single entertainment product,” and that the way to do that will be by keeping it “small, reactive, fresh, incredibly efficient, and quick.”

As for any new IP being in development, Guarini had nothing to say, but did give an insight as to how the industry works when it comes to creating something new rather than just remake the old.

“The difficulty of launching new intellectual properties today is the obvious sign an era is ending. We are approaching the end of a cycle. On the contrary, the ability of launching new intellectual properties will actually be the industry of tomorrow,” he said.

“There is no market in the world that I am aware of that can survive without the constant injection of fresh, new products.”