Street Fighter X Tekken using updated netcode

Fighting games, especially when taken online, can’t suffer lag in any form. If they do, they fall into oblivion and that’s that. So, to compensate for any latency experienced, Capcom for instance is using the GGPD (Good Game Peace Out) netcode, much to the criticism from players. However, the company’s upcoming competitive fighter Street Fighter X Tekken will in fact not be using that particular netcode, explained producer Yoshinori Ono.

“I can tell you officially were not using the actual GGPO [Good Game Peace Out] netcode that you know and love in its current form,” said Ono. “I can also say it is not using the Street Fighter IV netcode as is.”

Furthermore, Ono added: “there are going to be distinct changes and improvements. I can’t talk about those improvements or the system right now. There are still some kinks that we’re working out with the netcode.” He continued, “think of this as I’m throwing a worm on a hook and I’m going to reel you back in so you’ll come back and talk to us again.”

Street Fighter X Tekken is out March 2012 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Vita. Let’s not forget the Vita… Cole’s in it.