Suda 51 aims for bloody social game

Grasshopper Manufacture head Goichi Suda (Shadows of the Damned, No More Heroes), or rather Suda 51 as we’ve come to known him, has as many reasons to move into social gaming as he has concepts to make a game fitting that particular space. One of them, which will be based on his popular No More Heroes franchise, is to ultimately make the bloodiest and most violent social game ever. He has signed up with mobile social game network and developer DeNA to produce games for Mobage, the first one of which will be gory.

“We’re aiming to make it the social game with the most blood,” said Suda, adding that once it’s done, he hopes to bring it to the masses worldwide rather than have a local release only. The man also explained that at this moment, he has “around 100 social game concepts,” each one of which he intends to complete and release.

Suda’s latest, Shadows of the Damned, has a quite distinct and unique art style, making whatever he’s planning for this bloody social game debut all the more interesting.