Dead Island novel releasing alongside videogame

Damn, that was one hell of a trailer! The game has yet to hit store shelves, and Dead Island already has a book deal. Bantam has announced it’s publishing the official novelisation of Deep Silver’s zombies-in-paradise game, penned by award-winning British Fantasy author Mark Morris. The book is scheduled for simultaneous release with the videogame on September 8, giving readers “a terrifying glimpse into the horrors thrust upon the four individuals who have unwittingly embarked upon the ultimate holiday from Hell.”

In addition to being a successful horror author in his own right, Morris has written novels featuring Doctor Who and Captain Jack Harkness, so he should have no problem merging his more macabre sensibilities with characters not of his own making. Especially when said characters are described as “four individuals with distinctive backgrounds and abilities [who] seem to be unaffected by the zombie apocalypse.” Wow, they really come alive right off the page, don’t they? Clearly Morris is not going to have to navigate the complex emotional malaise of Holden Caulfield. Just toss the love interest, the nice guy, the bad boy and the strong, silent type in a blender with some palm trees and rotting corpses and a dash of haunting piano music. The book writes itself.