TimeSplitters 4 announcement rumored

The rumors section of the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK is getting a lot of hopes up today; “Gun-wielding monkeys are finally making a comeback!” it reads. “A fourth Timesplitters title is to be announced soon!”

Both Crytek and Crytek UK (formerly Free Radical, the series developer) have expressed interest in adding to the property in the past, though recent quotes from Crytek co-founder Cevat Yerli make us wonder about the mag’s “soon” prediction.

Just a little over a month ago he said: “Crytek and Crytek UK are interested in the IP; we are thinking about it but we’re trying to decide what we could do best with the IP, where we could bring it. There are no concrete plans yet.”

Still, wouldn’t such an announcement be a nice out-of-left-field surprise?