Crystal Dynamics downplays Tomb Raider QTEs

Folks who saw the Tomb Raider E3 gameplay demonstration and were put off by the use of quick-time events need not worry much, Crystal Dynamics assures. While creative director Noah Hughes admits that the demo relied “a little bit heavily on the quick time tools,” they are but one weapon in the arsenal the developer will use to deliver drama with, and not the main one at that.

“Quick-time sequences is something we will leverage in the game,” Hughes tells Gamespot.

“One of the things which is absolutely important to us is to deliver an intense and cinematic experience. At very specific times, we feel we can do that best while still delivering challenging gameplay in a quick-time type event.

“Having said that, it really isn’t the primary tool we use to deliver drama in the game.”

Emotional impact, Hughes adds, will be delivered through a combination of methods: “The idea of camera during normal gameplay experiences, and the animation systems and the audio and the big events in the world, these are all things that will deliver emotional impact in a different way.”

And there’s plenty of time to make it all happen as the game isn’t due for another year. It’s scheduled for fall of 2012.