Diablo III mods “expressly prohibited”

There’s a reason why many old PC games are still being played today; mods. The ability and possibility to modify original content in order to create a different experience, and even expand on it, is what keeps players engaged in games that launched outside this decennium. Blizzard stating it won’t support this for the wildly hyped and wanted Diablo III will likely upset these people, and probably their friends too.

To the question, “will Diablo III include support for bots and/or mods,” an FAQ handed out at a press event answered, “no, for a variety of gameplay and security reasons, we will not be supporting bots or mods in Diablo III, and they’ll be expressly prohibited by our terms of use for the game.”

That “expressly prohibited” sure implies there might be some consequences if modding the game, doesn’t it? One question that does pop up though is, with Blizzard’s pedigree and the success of the Diablo franchise, will there be the necessity to create mods or has that success been based on actually having the option to create them?

The long-awaited action-RPG is aiming for a 2011 release on PC and Mac, although no specific date has been announced.