The Gunstringer’s “hardcore mode” detailed

As if puppeteering a stringed, blue, skeletal marionette dressed as a cowboy through the west wasn’t enough, Twisted Pixel’s revealed that there will be a “hardcore mode” for its upcoming Kinect-enabled Xbox Live Arcade shoot ’em up, The Gunstringer. And this is not the kind of mode you want to badass your way through, unless you have masochistic tendencies.

The developers say the mode is anything but “fair,” and here’s why: Enemies will load, reload and shoot at thrice the speed of what they normally would, traps will appear in the most unwanted and deadliest of places and should you find yourself in the situation of having been shot, you lose double the health without it regenerating. But here’s the real kick in nuts: You die, you get booted back to the Xbox dashboard without the possibility of continuing your game where you left off, meaning you will have no option but to play it through in one sitting, which happens to be the way to go if you’d like that prestigious “Strings of Steel” achievement.

The Gunstringer is set for a mid-September retail release, bundled with Fruit Ninja Kinect for those who wish to be, or already are, less hardcore than any of the above.