Burnout developer revving up for new game

When Criterion announced Burnout Crash!, many immediately thought it would act as a bridge between what the developer did last (Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit) with what’s to come. And it would appear these speculations might have had a grain of truth behind them judging from a blog post published on the official site.

Criterion is now looking for new talent to fill a number of vacant roles, including AI programmer, lead software engineer, audio software engineer and senior physics programmer among others. For what? “Our current ambition requires an innovative programmer to deliver killer entertainment experiences with believable, open world AI Racing Drivers,” says the AI programmer opening. “Help create a new extension to the existing Criterion team focusing on developing on new platforms,” says the lead software engineer opening.

Open world AI racing drivers and new platforms. Whether these are to be combined or not is anyone’s guess at the moment. Regardless, we can already see a new Frostbite 2-powered Burnout game coming our way. How about you?