Monthly XBLA Kinect releases coming — Microsoft

Already a strong platform, Microsoft is plotting to ramp up its Xbox Live Arcade offerings even more. According to Xbox Live product marketing manager Robin Burrowes, who’s  chatted with CVG on the matter, we can look forward to “far more” Xbox Live Arcade exclusives going forward, many of them Kinect enabled.

“Talking more specifically, expect to see more from us as Microsoft studios as we leverage the power of Kinect; expect to see a number of Kinect Arcade titles coming,” she says.

The company’s planning to release about one title per month that will come with Kinect integration. “That will really be powerful and differentiate the platform.”

That’s not to say core gamers will be forgotten. On the contrary, Burrowes assures: “You can also expect also to continue to create the traditional, core games – particularly sequels of successful titles on the platform coming very soon indeed.”