First Firefall beta invites going out this month

Beta invites for Red 5’s wide open spaces Firefall shooter will start going out later this month, the developer’s announced in a blog update on its site. No date when to start checking your inbox yet, but it’ll be after PAX Prime concludes on the 28th.

It’s going to be a more closed affair in the beginning, the post explains, with players themselves able to invite more and more of their friends to participate as the weeks and months roll by:

“Firefall is a game designed for massive co-operative gameplay. What is more fun than playing with your friends? It’s never fun being the one person in your group of gaming friends that gets an invite to a beta and the rest just have to wait. Since we want people to play with folks they know, we decided to shake up how beta invites are traditionally distributed and to take a note from some of the web-based application betas that have been a big hit in recent years.

“At various stages throughout the beta, current testers in the beta will receive invites they can distribute to anyone they choose. The invited person will receive an e-mail inviting them to into the beta..

“We think this is going to be an awesome way to expand our beta test size while building and maintaining an even stronger sense of community in-game. We hope this will lead to you all having even more fun with your friends and being able to give better feedback on your experiences.”

Going by CEO Mark Kern’s comments at the ChinaJoy convention, Red 5 is hoping to reach a full launch equivalent in December. That’s when the microtransactions are said to kick off, as well.