PlayStation PLAY announced, gives free stuff

Sony’s today its first ever PlayStation PLAY promotion, a series of gifts and perks for buying or pre-ordering their featured games this summer. Beginning August 10, gamers who pre-order each of the four spotlight games, during the limited eligibility window, will receive a special theme for their PlayStation 3. Not interested in pre-ordering the games? Sony says that’s cool, because the theme was just one aspect of the promotion.

In addition to the gift of themes, players who buy one of the games, through pre-order or not, will receive a special gift specifically tailored to each title. Buy Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition and unlock the GILL character without having to beat the game with every character. Fire up some goodness in The Baconing and receive Roesha – One Bad Mutha, as an additional co-op character. Get BloodRayne: Betrayal through the PLAY program and not only will there be a snazzy virtual item from the game inside PlayStation Home, there will also be an exclusive dynamic theme. Scoop up Renegade Ops and receive a Vehicle & Character Pack, featuring two new vehicles and special weapons.

PSN members who go the full monty and buy all of the PLAY offerings will not only get four brand new digitally mastered games, but will also get a fifth title, The Heist, as an added bonus for free. In order to qualify for the free title, all PLAY games have to be bought on or before the end of the promotion on September 20.