BloodRayne XBLA release betrayed, on for October

BloodRayne: Betrayal has suffered a slight setback on XBLA. The 2D slash ’em up will be launching on October 5 on Microsoft’s box, while PS3 owners will get it on September 6 as part of the PSN PLAY promotion announced last week.

Funnily enough – unlike Xbox Live promotions – most of the other titles will be launching in the same week on 360. SEGA has confirmed to ShackNews that Renegade Ops is still on track for a September release and Capcom will have Street Fighter III: Third Strike ready for August 24, a day after the PSN release. Most of these games will get exclusive content on PSN, however.

As for Betrayal, those of us with our hearts set on playing it with an Xbox controller will have to wait.