EA promotes Moore + Gibeau, BioWare now a label

Publishing giant EA has done a bit of internal shuffling, leading to several promotions and the addition of a brand new label.

CEO John Riccitiello explained on the company’s official blog that both former EA Sports boss Peter Moore and EA Games boss Frank Gibeau have new positions. Moore is now Chief Operating Officer of EA and Gibeau has the rather important role of President of all EA labels. That includes EA Games, EA SPORTS, EA Play and a new addition, BioWare.

The Mass Effect developers now have studios in Canada and the US as well as a testing unit in Dublin. We haven’t seen a developer become an EA label all by itself before, but the team is responsible for two well-loved franchises and EA’s ‘most super-expensive game ever’, The Old Republic.

Riccitiello offered his own comments on the move: “First, I think it’s a great reflection on EA that we are able to tap so much world-class leadership from within our own ranks.  The depth of talent and leadership in this company is inspiring.

“Second, as I look across EA and back on its history, I come to an important realisation. The people who succeed here are the ones who map their creative vision over a deep understanding of what our consumers want. Our Label structure reflects that strategy.  It creates a close partnership between developers and product marketers that connects the creative process to our consumers.

“This is an exciting time. The opportunities are growing exponentially and EA is growing and changing to capture them.”

It’s an exciting time for us too; EA will be throwing Battlefield 3 at us before the year is out then kicking off 2012 with the likes of Mass Effect 3. We can’t wait.