EX-THQ UK staff form outsource studio

Two former members of THQ’s now-axed Warrington studio in the UK have gone on to form a new outsourcing studio.

Technical director Jamie Campbell and development director Stephen Powell have formed D3T, an independent outsourcing studio offering a range of services to other development teams. With combined experience of over 25 years in the industry, the two will support studios with game design, development, porting and bug fixing services, working on a range of platforms.

Campbell explained the move to Develop: “After the closure of the Warrington studio, we saw an opportunity.

“With the games industry moving towards a more transactional and contracting basis rather than permanent roles, we saw the added value we could offer to employers by allowing them to contract an elite group rather than having to find individuals who were available, reliable, capable and affordable.

“For studios who feel they need extra programming and development resources, or for clients looking for end-to-end product development, we’re here to help.”

We could see start seeing D3T’s hand in other teams’ work, then.