Social gaming needs Google+ to succeed

With millions of daily users of all kinds of “-ville” games, along with tons of other time sinks popping up on the social network on a daily basis, there is no argument that Facebook is the undisputed king of social gaming. Such domination is something that needs to be challenged in order for smaller developers to flourish,  according to Jason Bailey, CEO of social game developer East Side Games. He hopes Google+ is set to fill the role of challenger.

According to Bailey, with Facebook being the “one major social-games platform,” and consoles on a “nosedive,” Google+ is the only “other player in town.” He goes on to say, “Everybody in this industry is crossing their fingers and bowing down to the almighty G and saying, ‘Please, please, let this work and give us a viable second platform where we can build our games.’ Google+ being successful is going to be absolutely massive.”

Bailey admits, though, that if Google isn’t successful there will be something else down the line, no one knows when or where, but it has to happen eventually.