Splinter Cell Trilogy infiltrates EU PS Store update

Tomorrow will mark the end of the confusion surrounding the Splinter Cell Trilogy‘s release date. Not because we’ll finally be getting said release date but because, well, it’ll be released.

Sam Fisher’s original three adventures will grace the PlayStation Store update tomorrow. That’s Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, and Chaos Theory, in case you didn’t know.

Each game will set fans back £7.99, although they can be picked up in one big bundle for £23.99 (which, oddly enough, works out as a tiny bit more expensive). Much like other HD classics, all three will be enhanced with 1080p graphics, 3D support and trophy support. PlayStation Plus members will be able to shave pennies off of the price with a 20% discount on the original game and a 10% discount on Pandora Tomorrow.

The PlayStation Blog does confirm that the disc set is still coming. No word on a US release but we saw similar release issues with the Prince of Persia Trilogy earlier in the year.