Warheads to play Starhawk before normal heads

Apparently, if you’re a fan of multiplayer-only Warhawk, then you’re a “Warhead” according to developer Sony Santa Monica Studios’ senior producer Harvard Bonin. He explained this during an interview posted on the PlayStation Blog, in which he also spilled details on the upcoming public beta for the shooter/RTS, Starhawk.

“Our beta plans are being worked out right now, but we will have one for sure. Our hope is to take care of Warhawk players first,” said Bonin. “We’ll have matchmaking, game lists like Warhawk, party systems, tournament systems, and custom games where you can send out invites to bring your friends in.”

Added Bonin, “you’ll be able to customize your skills, too, and you’ll gain skills as you level up. Character outfit customization as well…everything that you would expect in a top-of-the-line shooter.”

Starhawk is out March 2012, exclusively on PlayStation 3. For an early sneak peek, visit Gamescom (Cologne, Germany) or PAX (Seattle) during August if you have the chance, as the game will be showcased on the floor. As for the beta, there’s no date set in stone yet.