Hot new 3DS color available after price cut

Okay, so we could rush out to the stores on Friday and snap up those boring blue and black 3DS’ at the new low price, or we could wait just a liiiiiittle bit longer and get the new, more exciting, more sexy ‘Flame Red’ 3DS (via CVG).

The new color for the handheld will arrive on September 9 in the US, having already been released in Japan. Nintendo US president Reggie Fils-Aime marched out the puns for the reveal: “Nintendo 3DS is poised to be on fire for the holidays, with its new suggested retail price, great games and our new Flame Red colour.

“With major upcoming releases in the Star Fox, Pokémon and Mario series, in addition to downloadable offerings from Nintendo eShop, Nintendo Video and Netflix, the system offers new and fun experiences to owners on a daily basis.”

So will you wait just under a month for the new 3DS or are you fine with the current colors?