PS3 update 3.70 adds auto uploading, more

The PlayStation Blog has let loose details on the upcoming PS3 system software update 3.70, which is set to include a host of new features for the system.

At the forefront of the update is automatic uploading. This will allow you to back-up saved data online without having to manually upload it. As you might imagine, this update is only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, as is the automatic trophy syncing which will also be included.

There’s still stuff for the rest of us though; a ‘Recommend’ tab has been added to the PlayStation Store to allow friends to suggest different games to each other. Plus, the XMB has a new ‘TV/Video Services’ column to accommodate video applications like Netflix. The goal is to allow easier access to your video content.

3D TV owners aren’t missing out either; Blu-ray disc’s Java-based special features will now support the third dimension and 3D digital photos will now be available to view on the XMB. Sony promise that the update will be available soon.

And that’s about that. Some fans may be left (still) crying out for features like cross-game chat, but they won’t be found here. Are you happy with the update? Or are you annoyed that you have to be a PS Plus member to get the most out of it?