EA social boss moving to Zynga

It looks like social gaming giant Zynga has picked up another key staff member from all round gaming giant, EA.

EA social games boss Jeff Karp will leave his current position to join the Farmville creators, Develop reports. It’s a move that was mirrored by former EA COO John Schappert earlier in the year. Karp leaves his post after 11 years of working with the company.

His departure is one of the many big changes to occur during the company’s recent reshuffle. This period has also granted promotions to top EA figures like Peter Moore and Frank Gibeau, people that the company will definitely need in senior roles with the likes of Schappert and Karp leaving.

It would seem that as EA continues to expand, more and more rivals seem to nab their key staff. Is this a reflection on working for the publisher or simply the enticing offers others are willing to give those figures?