Milla Jovovich, Paul W.S. Anderson on board for Resident Evil: Retribution

Most film franchises are thinking about taking a break after four films, but not Resident Evil; this series just keeps on trucking, regardless of whether people want it to or not.

Thus, it has been confirmed by Bloody Disgusting, that both Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson will be returning for a fifth film, Resident Evil: Retribution. Jovovich will reprise her role as Alice while Anderson is on board to direct. Goodie.

Fans that still associate the franchise with the series of games may raise an eyebrow to the fact that both Barry Burton and Leon Kennedy will debut in this one. Not only that but Jill Valentine will also return. Leon has never mixed with either Jill or Barry in the games; what reason could he have to meeting them both here?

We’ll get our answer (if we go to see it) when the film launches in 2012.