Borderlands 2 footage to stream to us at Gamescom

Borderlands 2 may have been announced, but Gearbox have Aliens: Colonial Marines and Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 to worry about at the moment, we won’t be seeing footage for a long ti– oh it’s streaming at Gamescom.

Indeed, 2K will be live streaming the developer’s third current project at the big show next week. Gearbox will answer questions during a demonstration, so hit up the 2K Gamescom blog post, tweet @2KGames or @GearboxSoftware, or post on the 2K Forums and the Gearbox Forums if you want to have yours answered. Anyone who gets a question read out will receive a free swag bag and a copy of the game (when it’s out, of course).

Excited about seeing Borderlands 2 for the first time? We know we are.