Just Cause dev to continue down the digital route

Just Cause developer Avalanche has stepped away from its open-world shooter madhouse to do something a little different with Renegade Ops, a downloadable top-down shooter due out next month.

So having had a taste of a different type of development, will the the team continue to come up with smaller digital games? Absolutely, says director Axel Lindberg.

“Yes, I definitely think so,” he told CVG. “I think we’ll definitely continue with digital downloads. It’s very different, very fun, and once again it’s a very nice deviation from the big projects.

“I’d say it was a good way for teams to get a new boost of energy,” he added. “Also, some of us just want to do games that draw a lot of inspiration from older games like old arcade games and stuff like that so yes, I definitely think so.”

Does this mean Just Cause 3 will hit PSN and XBLA instead of disc? Maybe not, but we’re still excited to see Avalanche’s first shot at the digital market when it releases in September.