MotorStorm Apocalypse gets host of new features in update

The world might have ended but somewhere in between the ruins and crumbling cities, the Evolution Studios team are still hard at work on pumping out updates and new features for MotorStorm Apocalypse.

Another batch of these updates have recently been revealed on the PlayStation Blog, with user creation highlighting a long list.

First up is a mode editor that allows you to tweak the rules on game modes and maps so that you can effectively come up with your very own modes and races. You might tweak the gravity, turn off attacks, mirror the track or add a whole new set of rules to the game. These new modes can then be shared online. Customized vehicles will also be able to be shared from now on.

Steering wheels are also now supported along with the Move controller. We’re not sure how the Move might work, but transferring a Gran Turismo 5 setup over to the destruction and chaos of Apocalypse could prove to be fun.

Also thrown in are the usual online tweaks and fixes to satisfy those still playing.

The update should have gone live by now. If not, then wait for PSN’s maintenance to finish up and it’ll be there.