Pitchford: Aliens an ‘accessible experience’

With a developer like Gearbox behind it, Aliens: Colonial Marines could very easily have been a squad-based shooter that was heavy on the tactics and punishing on the difficulty.

But that won’t be the case, the developer has told OXMUK. Speaking about how the game will play, co-founder Brian Martel said: “I would say that it’s an easy leap to say, hey, these are the guys who made Brothers in Arms, they’re likely going to have squad control and those kind of things. The issue with that is that it’s really hard to flank an alien.”

While squad mates will be present, you won’t have control of them. Gearbox has promised that their presence will be important, but you only have to worry about yourself when actually playing.

“We actually wanted it to be a very accessible experience. The goal is not to have complicated interfaces, we’re not worrying about having things like squad command, you don’t need fire manoeuvres… there’s no manoeuvring on an alien,” added Randy Pitchford, studio boss.

“You want to have a great experience when you’re by yourself, and you want to have a fantastic experience when you can play with your friends and share that experience,” Martel continued. “And those are the kind of things we want to make sure are a part of the game.”

“Yeah, so if someone like tries to make the assumption that because we made Brothers in Arms there’ll be like, squad command, that’s incorrect,” Pitchford concluded.

An ‘accessible Aliens experience’. Does that sound like a good thing? Do you feel like Gearbox are potentially missing out on bigger opportunities? We won’t get the final answer until Aliens releases next year.