New Nintendo idea is “massively single-player”

Nintendo hasn’t exactly been a player in the MMO world. At all. The closest they’ve come is with Animal Crossing, in which players could used friend codes to trade items or visit each other’s villages. But for the most part, everyone was still isolated in their own little villages.

That could change sometime in the future, as Nintendo has now patented the term “massively single-player” in order to describe games that are played by individuals, but in a world that is shared with others.

By connecting all players together over the internet, players could see changes to the game world in form of houses being constructed or torn down as well as NPC gossip being affected by what other players are doing. We especially like the idea of item prices in the game economy moving up or down according to real supply and demand.  Too often item prices in a game are set arbitrarily and you always sell back for half of what you paid. But wouldn’t it be cool if you could buy an item and sell it back for more than you paid because of the demand for the item going up?

Another cool idea would be enemies changing their attack patterns based on how other players are attacking them. That sounds easier said than done to execute, but it’s fun to get excited about what Nintendo could possibly be thinking about in regard to “massively single-player” games.