Unannounced title getting rebooted on Xbox 360

The UK version of the Official Xbox Magazine is a tease. Back in April, the magazine used its back cover to let us know we would, without a doubt,  be buying the following month’s issue because of a reveal of “One of the best games ever made reborn on Xbox 360.” The reveal was pushed back and never happened. Now they’re at it again.

The futuristic looking announcement – seen here – is from the aforementioned April issue but still holds true, except the unnamed game will be seen in the issue slated to hit newsstands on September 30. Jon Hicks, OXM UK editor, has said he is delighted that the game is ready to be seen but the issue won’t be the “official reveal.”

“Unfortunately we aren’t doing the official reveal any more,” Hicks explained, “as our on-sale dates don’t match up, but we will have exclusive access to the game and the studio making it.”

Take a look and let the guessing game begin. Ideas?