Borderlands 2 missions “three times bigger in scope”

The world of Borderlands was big, as in “it would take a solid hour of pedal to the metal driving to traverse planet Pandora’s Mad-Maxian wastelands” big, but its story – not so much. Out of 126 total missions, only 47 were story related, a ratio that developer Gearbox hopes to better balance in Borderlands 2.

“The story missions in Borderlands 2 are about three times the scope of a single story mission in the first game,” designer Paul Hellquist told Game Informer. “And they twist and turn throughout; your gameplay is changing, your goals are changing…it will be a much more dynamic experience compared to last time.”

“Lots of fans and critics gave us the business on the story,” he said of criticism that the first game was too heavy on FPS, too light on RPG. Borderlands 2‘s story, penned by former videogame blogger and current Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’? star Anthony Burch, promises to offer a more interactive, immersive experience, which we can only hope translates into fewer fetch missions. “When we took a look at what we had done last time, we said, ‘we can do way better than that’, so story has been, from the very first day, one of the most important things that we wanted to improve in Borderlands 2.”

So, to break it down: (dynamic story missions) + (chattier friendly NPC’s)/(smarter enemy AI) x (dual weapon-wielding dwarf with wicked facial hair) = <3.