Homefront 2 will fix online, single-player problems

THQ VP of core games, Danny Bilson, has assured fans that the unannounced Homefront sequel will improve on all of the issues found in the last game.

Bilson told VG247 (via) that: “I knew some aspects of the game weren’t 100 percent competitive with the best in class but there were other places where I thought it was better.

“The single-player should have been longer, and we kind of got wind of that too late to affect it. People were banging through it faster than we thought.

“But It was never really about that as a foremost thing; I was always really big on the multiplayer, which I think is a terrific game, but we had issues in our network code which gave us a very rough launch. That was incredibly disappointing to me. You’ll never see us do a game without a live beta again. No matter what date we have to crush, as long as I’m here we won’t put out an online-centric game without a live beta, so we can work out those bugs in advance.”

Bilson concluded: “There’ll be some announcements about Homefront 2 that I think will instill a lot of confidence.”

With THQ stock at a 16-year low, it’s clear that the company really does need to start making good on some of these promises to ensure that Homefront 2 is as good as it possibly can be.