ICO HD’s pre-order bonuses detailed

The ICO Collection won’t just port the PS2 classics over to PS3; some nifty bonuses are being thrown in for hardcore fans to enjoy.

Now the PlayStation Blog has finally let us in on just what those bonuses are, most of which boils down to ‘making of stuff’. First up are original concept videos for both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, a look at NICO – the game that would evolve into Shadow of the Colossus – a 20 minute roundtable discussion on both games by the creators, and 12 minutes of staff interviews about both games and the upcoming The Last Guardian, which will also include never before seen footage of.

More surprises are promised for PAX, but we’re pretty excited to see some of this footage. It’s been too long since we last set eyes on The Last Guardian, let’s hope the new look will give us more concrete details.