Resistance: Burning Skies detailed for Vita

Sony has just lifted the lid on Resistance: Burning Skies at its Gamescom press briefing.

The Nihilistic-developed FPS will invade PS Vita, using touch screen controls to further expand on  the series’ innovative arsenal. Set before Resistance 2 and detailing the beginning of the Chimera’s invasion of America, you’ll play as a fireman who joins the fight with a fire axe in hand.

New features include a cover system, dedicated touch screen buttons for grenades and such, and secondary fire modes that take advantage of the Vita’s controls. We saw the presenter swipe the screen to fire homing missiles at enemies and select options on the weapon wheel by simply touching them.

Aside from that it looked like business as usual for this spin-off; shooting hundreds of aliens with guns both old and new. We didn’t get much else in the details section, but do look for Burning Skies to launch around the same time as the Vita’s launch.