Epic on Shadow Complex 2’s absence

Shadow Complex hit Xbox Live back in 2009 to critical acclaim and commercial success. In the world of videogames that usually means one thing; sequel. Alas, Jason has not returned to our screens in the two years that have passed since the original’s release, and there’s a reason for that.

Epic president Mike Capps explained said reason at a speech at GDC Europe this week (as reported by VG247). He said: “The reviews were great, it was a record seller for a single-player game on the platform, but at the same time we’ve got this mobile gaming push that’s coming in strong.”

Going forward, Capps revealed that the company was far more interested in Chair’s iOS title, Infinity Blade. “And the big thing for me was that we were looking at what the iPhone could do, and the games that were on iPhone, and we thought there was a huge gap,” Capps added. “So we put our engine team on the problem, and that’s where we came up with Infinity Blade. We were thinking about the sequel, we were ready and ‘Maybe we should start working on this,’ and instead stopped everything and went and made Infinity Blade.”

So blame Chair’s other popular title for the lack of a Shadow Complex 2. We’d definitely like to see a sequel to the Metroid-inspired adventure, so it is at least a little reassuring to hear Capps conclude by saying “never say never” about the possibility of it being made. It certainly sounds like Infinity Blade 2 is on the cards, though.