Making use of EA IP probable — PopCap

Leveraging EA’s intellectual property portfolio in its future games could well happen, newly acquired PopCap admits.

Speaking at GDC Europe, PopCap’s director of online business Bart Barden said he believes “there are certain aspects of the products that would really make sense in that way; things like mini games or pieces of games, or maybe small features that sit on top of some of the core games.”

He continued: “I do see a lot of synergies for, probably, cross promotion. I think it’s about getting the PopCap people excited about EA’s social games and visa versa. There’s probably the biggest bang for the buck there, at least in the near term.”

Jamie’s predictions of Plasma Cutter plants and Necromorphs in Plants vs Zombies may just come true then!

Still, the studio has its own properties to develop, and that’s the goal for now by the sounds of it.

“In the near term we have some other IP. Our pipeline for PopCap’s social games is pretty robust and there’ll be some new stuff coming out. It’s a lot of our own stuff that at least for now we’ve got to get out.”