Most Wanted to make Nexus 2 with the help of fans

Most Wanted Entertainment has announced development of Nexus 2, a sequel to strategy hit Nexus: The Jupiter Incident that launched back in 2005.

This is no ordinary announcement though, because while the team will be mostly funding the project from their sales of the original game, they’re also asking for help from the fans via GamesPlant, a financing site.

As MWE owner Mike Horneman explains: “We’re happy to put a large chunk of our own resources into making Nexus 2 but realistically we cannot fund the whole project ourselves. So, with GamesPlant, we can offer all our fans out there a chance to be part of the Nexus 2 project. The more you pledge, the more you will benefit; from digital pre-orders, through special boxed editions and your name included in the game, right up to profitsharing; everyone can be a part of this.”

This is GamesPlant’s biggest game to pledge for to date. We think this is a great way for a fan favorite to carry on. Make sure you cough up the cash if you’re excited to see this sequel.