SOE dates three PSN titles for September/October

Sony Online Entertainment has announced release dates and prices for three titles heading to PSN later this year.

First up is Rochard, a side-scrolling puzzler that sees astro-miner (coolest job name ever) John Rochard fend off space pirates. He’ll use every day mining tools to take on his foes, which reminds us of our dear Isaac Clarke. That’s out on September 27 for $9.99.

Next is the big guns, Payday: The Heist. This four-player co-op shooter raised eyebrows at E3 with its scenario-based, team-focused gameplay. October 4 is the date on that one, and it comes at a pricier $19.99. Don’t forget though that it will go free to anyone who picks up all of the titles in the PSN Play promotion. DLC is also promised for later on in the year.

Last but not least is Sideway: New York, which is a 2D platformer set in a 3D world, where players guide graffiti artist Nox through the streets of the big apple in an attempt to defeat his nemesis, Spray. Look for Sideway on October 11 priced back at $9.99.

And that’s about that. We can’t wait for Payday, so let’s hope these other titles will be worth looking into as well.