Microsoft “not pulling out” of Japan just yet

Microsoft is having a hard time with the Xbox 360 in Japan. Heck, the company has always had a hard time in Japan with Xbox. Kinect might have restored some faith in what seems to be a lost cause, but Microsoft EMEA VP Chris Lewis strictly insists that the software/hardware giant is “not pulling out.”

“No, of course we’re not pulling out,” said Lewis during an interview. “It’s a challenging market. We are up against very strong competition there. All of our competition is strong. We’re very respectful of what Sony and Nintendo do and where they’ve come from and what they bring.”

Japanese retailers are scaling down on Xbox 360, but Lewis insists that with the presence of Kinect, Microsoft still has a lot to offer to that market.

“Nintendo, particularly with the Wii, have opened up a market opportunity there,” he said. “We’ve leapfrogged that handheld technology with Kinect. What we’re seeing is users love using their own body without worrying about how to work a controller. So we see ourselves as, frankly, a company that does bring an awful lot of firsts, and we’ve enjoyed fabulous success with Kinect.”

Lewis went on to explain that “Japan remains important to us. We’re very committed to that market. The development community there is very important. Tokyo Game Show will be a notable element in the year as usual,” which is merely a month away, starting September 15th.