Single and multiplayer to fuse together — Far Cry 3 dev

When Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit released, it set off a trend in which the campaign mode, or single-player portion of the game, subtly blended with the multiplayer via Autolog, a similar feature of which upcoming Battlefield 3 and SSX will incorporate as well. The possibility to play a game with your friends without actually doing it actively, is something that “fascinates” Far Cry 3 creative director Jason VandenBerghe, who thinks the elements of single and multiplayer will eventually “blur together” at some point in the future.

“It’s fascinating to me. You can see a point in the future where it all blurs together and we’re no longer selecting between the two on the front end menu,” contemplated VandenBerghe during an interview. “If you’re looking into the future and seeing that, you’re not alone – there are a lot of teams working on that. It’s a neat thing, it’s cool.”

He added, “in some ways, I’m reminded of the days when we no longer had to worry about installing games onto a PC – those levels of technical constraint. I just want to play the f**king game! This split, this dichotomy is like the appendix left over from that era. I think it’ll resolve itself in the future.”

While he thinks like most gamers think, especially in that part where he curses, he did note that none of the above “says nothing about Far Cry 3 though!” Bummer.