DICE has more than Battlefield flowing through its veins

While the Battlefield franchise might be the cornerstone for what Stockholm-based DICE is vastly known for, there’s obviously more to a powerhouse like this than just one game, and not just within the company itself. The Frostbite 2-developer has been involved in the likes of Criterion Games’ Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit remake and BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect 3. And let’s not forget fan and industry favorite Mirror’s Edge, which we’re all anxiously expecting will come back, eventually.

Hints are now dropping once again, as they’ve done before, that DICE is working on other games besides Battlefield 3. That’s according to general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson who said “there are a couple of things on the back burner” just recently.

“Since Codename Eagle came out and followed by the success of Battlefield 1942, it has been a core thing of what we’ve been doing,” said Troedsson. “Naturally, we’re going to keep doing Battlefield games — we love Battlefield ourselves, we’re still building the game because we love to play it ourselves.”

He continued, “that said, DICE is also committed to not only making Battlefield games. If not for anything else then for our own mental health as developers. It’s good to actually have some different creative output to your game development skills. Mirror’s Edge was definitely one of those type things that we did, and we are committed to doing other things as well.”

Added Troedsson, “we haven’t announced anything, but there are… a couple of things… on the backburner that might happen in the future. We’ll see what happens.”