Battlefield 3 to feature in-game server browser on consoles, not PC

It’s been reported that console versions of DICE’s upcoming destructo-fiesta Battlefield 3 will feature an in-game server browser, while the PC version won’t. But before you burst into a cloud of ironic laughter, that’s not to say the latter won’t have one at all, because there will in fact be one.

The PC version will have the server browser as well, with the difference that it won’t be in-game. Upon wanting to exit a server to enter another, players will have to quit the game and jump back to Battlelog (which occurs automatically) in order to get into a new one. While this does happens “REAL fast,” as game designer Alan Kertz points out, it does raise the question of why, especially to PC players who, for decades, have been used to the platform staple that is the in-game server browser.

Server switching can happen for a number of reasons, and if this move is to diminish the jumping from one server to another because of rage-quitting or trying to find a better game or for whatever other reason it may be, we don’t know. We’re pretty sure, however, that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation to why DICE have opted to go this way. Because, there is always a reasonable explanation to why things happen, right?