Doom 4 single-player locked at 30fps

Poor frame rate in games these days is like hearing someone suffering from the plague. You just don’t hear about it anymore and you think that game developers would avoid having the FPS dive below anything that doesn’t flow as fast as reality. Well, the new Doom game looks to sacrifice its single-player frame rate slightly in favour of better looking gameplay.

John Carmack, id’s lead engineer recently discussed the issue of frame rate and hertz levels claiming that “In the Doom 4 project, we decided the multiplayer is 60 frames per second, but the single player is 30 frames per second, so you can have twice as many demons coming at you.”

id’s soon-to-launch Rage runs at 60 frames per second.

“They’re valid decisions to go each way, and part of it also was because in a [Rage] driving environment, you notice 60 frames per second a lot more than you do when you’re just walking around. So, that was also part of the deal,” said Carmack.