Nintendo adding second stick, removing 3D focusing for 3DS?

A report that surfaced recently suggests the Nintendo could be bringing about some radical changes to the 3DS. How much change? How does a second stick and less 3D sound to you?

The report suggests that Nintendo execs weren’t happy with the decision to leave out a second analog stick and are now working on a $10 peripheral that adds just that to the handheld. Apparently a select group of developers are at work on software that supports the new controls right now. Think Wii Motion Plus, or maybe saw a DualShock or 360 controller in half and then put them back together (don’t do that).

Furthermore the company is apparently admitting that 3D is a no-go and readying a new model of the system – complete with a second stick – with less emphasis on the 3D for next year. It may well even have a new name, potentially making the 3DS the shortest-lived console, well, ever.

Oh and here’s the ‘Bruce Willis is dead’ twist: that price cut? That was designed to clear-out stock for the new model. Pick up that jaw!

Before we cry foul on this one it’s important to note that the report being cited came from French site (via), the very same site that published correct information about both the PS Vita and Wii U before they were revealed. It’s still a bit hard to swallow, but if you had told us Nintendo would drop the price of the 3DS within it’s first half year we’d have laughed you off of the stage, and who’s laughing now?