Sony building a new Home for Fall

It’s been a bumpy ride for PlayStation Home; introduced as PlayStation’s ‘next big thing’, the service launched around three years ago with decidedly less features than when it was revealed four years ago and was – for a time – somewhat of a joke between gamers.

The service has since found its feet with a dedicated community, and is on track for a makeover later this year. Now a glimpse into that makeover has hit the web (via IGN). There are some big changes in store, and it’s all been done with gamers’ interests at heart.

“One of the things we learned in those early days is that if you take a bunch of gamers and stick them in a room together and tell them to meet one another and talk, they don’t necessarily do that,” said Home director Jack Buser. “You got to give them something to do. And specifically, you got to give them games to play.”

As such, Home’s Central Plaza will be ditched when the update goes live, replaced by The Hub (pictured above). This new spot will have easy access to a range of games and an Activity Board where players can receive quests like checking out new games. The aim is to sort of make Home a game itself in this respect, and there’ll be plenty of opportunities to beat new challenges etc in the other new areas.

Said new areas each carry games fitted to their themes. The gritty, urban Action District provides action and horror titles, the Sportswalk shapes itself like a stadium for you to explore and find new sports games, the Adventure District drops you off in a lush jungle for adventure games and Pier Park will let you chill out while playing puzzle and arcade titles.

It’s not likely to have an effect on the rest of Home (my Bat-cave apartment won’t be going anywhere), but the new game-focused style should be intriguing. The new update goes live this Fall.