Sony studios boss: “no need to transition into newer generation” right now

Sony has further crushed rumors of the PS4 this week as worldwide studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has said that he sees “no need” for the next generation at this point in time.

Speaking to Eurogamer (via) the exec revealed that a PS4 would come around “when the [PlayStation 3] platform becomes something game developers are not able to improve their creations with.”

“When you see games coming out on PS3, both the traditional type of games as well as new kind of games using PS Move, there is a lot more we can do from the game development standpoint,” he added.

“So as long as we and our developers can create new experiences that are more exciting to consumers, I see no need to transition into newer generation.”

Okay folks, nothing to see here. No secret next-gen tech running Uncharted 5 and Metal Gear 7, back to our XMBs, PS Stores and Homes for now.