Carmack cuts down iPad 2 power to half

If there’s a man that loves to talk about graphics and power, it’s id Software’s John Carmack, the legendary developer behind Doom. Wherever he goes, talk of PS3 vs 360 and why PC is best isn’t far behind. But Carmack is also keen on iOS development, which makes his recent comments to Tom’s Guide (via) all the more surprising.

“There’s been incorrect hyperbole about the power of these devices,” he said, “where people are saying that they have console-level performance. The iPad 2 has about half the performance power, and that’s a ballpark estimate.”

Carmack and co have their own iOS game in the form of Rage. The developer is also confident that come 2012 we’ll have seen vastly more powerful devices: “But that does mean that mobile devices coming out, certainly next year, will be flat out more powerful, and they’ll probably be powerful enough where you don’t even need the hyper-optimizing, that you could do a fairly easy port-over of your technology and assets. The biggest issue is going to be total distribution and storage space.”

Hyper-optimizing? We just tend to smile and nod our head when he goes off like this…