Cross-game chat heads to… OnLive

Well at least one console has received cross-game chat this week; while we’ve learnt why it will never happen for the PS3, OnLive has included the feature in a recent update, Joystiq reports.

CEO Steve Perlman revealed that party chat would enable users to talk with each other even when playing different games. Emails can be sent out from the service to invite friends to chats.

Also new to the streaming service this week is parental controls, letting us block the young ‘uns out of the gory stuff. Account tweaks will only let them play stuff they’re old enough to play according to ESRB and PEGI ratings, so no Dark Souls for little Timmy.

The final piece of the package is achievements being insta-uploaded to Facebook from now on. Users can even record a 10-second ‘brag clip’ when they secure their award, something that Perlman is quite proud of: “Facebook has been terrific to work on with this. They actually made a couple of mods to their system — because we’re the first guys posting HD resolution videos nonstop over to Facebook. They’re into it.”

OnLive comes to the UK next month.