Next-gen hardware needed now — Activision veteran

Following last month’s numbers provided by the NPD, Activision veteran and former executive vice president of publishing — and now part of the board of Dave Perry’s cloud-based game streaming service Gaikai — Robin Kaminsky had a thing or two to say about the console market in particular, generally pointing out that while the economy — or a lack thereof — and digital sales can be argued to be accounted for such low sales, she believes a “lack of innovation is the real culprit,” referring to the hardware running the software.

“Many believe digital sales and the economy are the core drives of the decline. I believe a lack of innovation – actual stagnation in game development – is the real culprit,” said Kaminsky. “For traditional games to grow, I believe a new generation of consoles is needed, consoles with real innovation and the resulting onslaught of new IP and innovative gameplay.”

Kaminsky says bigger, more complex games with better graphics won’t be enough, adding “there is no future in more of the same” in an industry where “new, innovative and fun” have become key elements.

Explained Kaminsky, “the next generation of consoles and games should recognize that consumers are mobile and active, value the player regardless of where and when they play, consider short and long play sessions, optimize both hardcore and casual games, embrace button/controller led play and new interfaces, enable content to evolve so games are dynamic not static, encourage alternative payment approaches like free to play, that drive more users to try the game, alongside the traditional buy it to play model, drive increasingly social and community driven experiences, and perhaps even allow play across devices regardless of manufacturer or form factor.”